Experience HALO Movement Collective's newest evening-length premiere. REST IN THE MOURNING is the culmination of a three-year journey of research and exploration in creating our first touring production. The performance is an emotionally-charged and riveting concert which marries concepts from our previous productions of CELL and EXILE into one evening of physical and emotional release through contemporary dance. The show is set inside of a custom-built Geodesic Dome structure representing the inside of a human brain that has weathered emotional distress. REST IN THE MOURNING takes place during the process of the human sleep cycle, where most of our dreams and memories come to life - leaving us wondering if we are in reality or in a deep sleep. The show culminates in healing from past experiences and brings the audience on a journey filled with release, healing, growth and redemption.       


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Set in a community of outcasts who fell victims to societal expulsion, EXILE takes you on a quest for redemption, cleansing and rebirth. Exile is a abstract exploration of the less than pleasant side of humanity's will to do whatever it takes to be relieved of pain, guilt, and darkest secrets through contemporary dance set in an ever evolving mountain like structure. The journey starts atop EXILE mountain where anyone unfitting of society's mold is sent to ultimately demise. The only redemption is a small body of water at the base, but the trek to redemption can be a treacherous one. The journey will heal the broken or expose the wicked. The water will give new life to the pure or expose the darkness within.



The dynamic production explores the human psyche and the connections we have to our memories through the 5 stages of the human sleep cycle. We experience our most powerful imaginative capabilities. We live out our dreams and deepest set fears. CELL hones in on the concept of exploring your own mind as a healing and restorative mechanism to move forward from traumatic experiences. The evening length work poses the question of what is an appropriate amount of time to remain in the dark realm of your mind to process and heal before you become a prisoner to it? CELL takes you through a seamless, emotionally charged journey of innovative art and athletic contemporary dance. Set inside an art installation, dancers encompass the entire space and provide the audience with a unique visual and auditory experience, placing the audience in the middle of the action.

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(2015, 2018)

Savage Beauty is HALO Movement Collective's Signature evening length repertory work production. The show revolves around the concept of a beauty so tantalizing that it leads those in pursuit to their demise. Savage Beauty is an eclectic collection of of physically dynamic performances both on stage and site specific art installations. The production exposes the inherent bond between dance fashion and film in one evening.

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(2013, 2014, 2018)

UNDERLAND takes you on Alice's journey through her nightmares in Underland. The journey begins as Alice falls down the rabbit hole into the tree. As she plummets into the eerie, stark white Underland, she meets characters who seem all but friendly. Underland is an evening length dance production choreographed by Artistic Director Angel Castro. Underland is an evening of visceral, thought provoking, transformative, twisted fashion, art, and dance coupled with the classic tales of Alice's Underground Adventures.