HALO Movement Collective is a Phoenix, Arizona-based dance company founded in 2012 by Artistic Director/Choreographer/Dancer Angel Castro. The company is thought-provoking, dynamic and visually indulging, with a mission to create a closer knit relationship between fashion, dance, and other art forms while advocating the use of performing arts as mediums to address social and political issues. Work created by artistic director Angel Castro is heavily influenced by fashion, photography, film, and makeup arts. 

HALO Movement Collective is entering its seventh season and hopes to continue inspiring and entertaining audiences with a new evening-length work "Rest In The Mourning," a New Dance Film," and a continued engagement with up-and-coming dancers through a variety of education and mentorship programs.
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To expose the inherent bond between dance and fashion to provide stimulating and emotionally captivating visually performances and media, catapulting the art as an expression of self while exploring the effects of such artistry on our audiences and beyond

Dance - Fashion - Film


  • Expression of oneself through art.

  • ​Pushing past the boundaries of your dreams. 

  • Chasing what you once thought was impossible and making it a reality.

HALO Movement Collective prides itself on the following:

*creating visually engaging performances using a variety of artistic mediums, providing the audience a more diverse and in-depth -engagement and experience

*providing professional-level training and performance opportunities to dancers

*becoming a training ground for the next generation of Dance Professionals in Arizona

*establishing a strong community through collaborations with non-traditional performance venues, providing a unique and often more accessible artistic experience for audiences